【影片】VW Up! Up in the air! 飛吧,VW Up!

飛起來了!VW Up!


About G

本名吳居叡,來自台灣,留美碩士。現居新北淡水。經歷:Jaguar Land Rover Taiwan顧客體驗經理、上海璞銳公關策劃諮詢公司新聞服務經理、瑞典商思康Semcon資深汽車市場/技術信息顧問、美國KleenSpeed電動車系統公司市場/媒體負責人,並曾任職於Auto-online台灣汽車線上情報網、台灣納智捷汽車。為汽車狂熱分子,關注亞洲職場現況。著有:他是玩真的!:「鋼鐵人」伊隆‧馬斯克改變未來的10種能力 (與Vista和Mario Yang合著) My name is G and I am from Taiwan. A MFA (master of fine art) lived in Shanghai, China, for the past three years. I am now the Customer Experience Manager at Jaguar Land Rover Taiwan. I used to be the Newsletter Manager at Prime-Research. I was also the senior automotive technical consultant at Semcon Informatics- a Swedish product information consulting group, VP of marketing and media at KleenSpeed - a electric vehicle system company in Silicon Valley, marketing intern at Luxgen - Taiwanese car brand, and a editor at Auto-online - a car news website and magazine.



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